Vester VDN335CEQ electric acoustic (circa 1994)

This guitar was made in Korea, but apart from that I don’t know a lot about it’s origins.

I’m not sure when I bought it, it couldn’t have been much later than 1994 since the company was sued by Fender for having a soundalike name and similar font. They couldn’t afford to go to court over it, so stopped making the brand.

I remember when I was trying it out in MacFie Music in Hobart, I was playing ‘Stormy Monday’ and the salesman suddenly jumped up from behind the counter, ran towards me, grabbed a guitar off the rack and started playing along. I was so surprised I completely stopped playing and it took me a while to join back in. He played it much better than me and showed me some extra parts, which I still use when I play that song now.

I used to┬áhave it tuned Keith Richards style to open G so I can play ‘Honky Tonk Women’ and ‘Start Me Up’, but since injuring my fingers overusing this when rehearsing for a solo gig I replaced it with my Washburn and don’t play it any more. My son plays it sometimes.