Fender US Telecaster (1991)

For many years this was my number one guitar. It feels great – so smooth and easy to play. It’s been with me for most of my live performances playing guitar.

I remember when I bought it I had to wait a few days after paying the deposit before I could get the rest of the money from the bank to pay for it and pick it up (no EFTPOS in those days). Meanwhile we went to a Hunters & Collectors concert at the Hobart City Hall and the guys in the band were playing the exact same guitar as mine –  it was torture having to wait to pick it up!

According to the guitar dater project the serial number (E 907280) the guitar was made in the Corona plant in California, probably in 1990.

There is one thing this guitar lacks – a whammy bar – so I eventually had to get myself a stratocaster to complement this one!