Epiphone PR350S steel acoustic (1989)

This was my favourite acoustic guitar for about 20 years until I bought the Washburn. I don’t remember which Hobart store I bought it in, but I do remember trying many guitars in all the stores until I found this one that just sang to me and said ‘buy me’.

It says Gibson on the truss rod cover, as Epiphone is owned by Gibson, so technically this is my only Gibson guitar.

According to the guitar dater project the serial number (9061021) reveals that this guitar was made in Korea in June of 1989, which means I’ve been playing this one for more than 25 years now.

For a while it lived in a case in my office in town and got pulled out at lunchtime for jams on the rooftop overlooking the city and port of Hobart.

Now it gets used in the studio occasionally and, more often, is borrowed by my son!