Washburn Scavenger Bass (1981)

In the early eighties I was playing in the covers band ‘Flex’, but we had too many guitarists so I stopped playing for a while and did the frontman thing with just a microphone to hide behind. When the band split up in 1985, I bought this bass from the bass player in that band, Paul Cooney, and started playing it. I played bass in the next band I was in, the one gig wonder ‘Rug Rats’. After that I got back into guitar and started really getting the hang of it.

Until I wrote this all I knew about it was that it’s a Washburn bass (serial no GG810081), and it’s heavy. Now I’ve done some research and can tell you it’s a 1981 ‘Scavenger’ with a tobacco sunburst finish.

These days I use this bass for recording and teaching.