Wednesday 22nd June 1994 – Waikiki

Wednesday 22nd June 1994 – Waikiki

[written from memory June 2014 – I never got around to finishing the journal back then!]

We just wanted to sleep all morning but were rudely awakened by a phone call telling us it was time to get up and go to our free orientation breakfast and bus tour courtesy of Creative Tours! Not impressed, I informed the caller that we had already done that tour last time we were here and were more interested in catching up on our sleep than doing it again!

Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Diamond Head from our hotel room The Pool at Outrigger Reef Towers, Waikiki

The rest of the day was spent lazing about in our room, checking out the view from the balcony, dining at the Islander Coffee House, and reading by the pool – especially at $1.50 Mai-Tai time!

Islander Coffee House