Playing guitar is fun, so learning to play should be fun too! At the first lesson I’ll talk to you about what music you like, what you’d like to play and where you want to go with playing guitar. Then I’ll set up a program just for you.

You’ll pick songs that you want to learn and I’ll work out how to play them and then teach them to you. Along the way I’ll not only teach you what notes or chords to play, but also the skills and techniques you’ll need to play them, and how to learn other songs for yourself.

You’ll learn about the equipment we use and how it all works together. I also provide opportunities for live performance each year so you can show off what you’ve learnt, if you’re so inclined. You won’t need to learn a lot of theory, but if you want to know why you’re playing particular notes, then we can go down that path too.


  • rock, blues, folk, metal, pop
  • acoustic, electric, bass or all three!

my studio

Lessons are held in my home studio in Dodges Ferry, with access to:

  • guitars, all types and sizes
  • effects pedals
  • amps, microphones, drums
  • multi track recording and CD production


  • over 40 years experience playing guitar solo and in bands
  • teaching Rock School at Dodges Ferry Primary since 2008
  • teaching private lessons since 2009
  • wrote, recorded and produced my own albums ’98 Fridays’ and ‘Going Back